Creating added value for society
For BSH, socially responsible action means contributing to better working conditions and living standards worldwide. The more countries in which a company operates, the greater the diversity of requirements it faces. And observing minimum environmental and social standards is not only a matter of corporate responsibility, it also safeguards a company’s reputation. Because the company’s responsibilities no longer stop at the “factory gate”, and BSH has the means to influence and shape matters far beyond these boundaries.

Dealings with others governed by clear rules
Stable markets are absolutely essential for a company’s long-term success. In areas lacking political equilibrium and social and economic stability, companies seeking success in the marketplace must themselves help establish such conditions. This means observing and maintaining minimum environmental and social standards around the world, paying reasonable wages, fostering education and avoiding corruption. By signing up to the UN Global Compact and the CECED Code of Conduct for the European home appliance sector, BSH has sent out a clear signal on the harmonization of global conditions of production.
The success of these rules of behavior and of BSH’s own Business Conduct Guidelines depends crucially on whether, and how positively suppliers buy into them. The code of conduct is therefore an integral element of BSH’s purchasing strategy, and forms a permanent part of supplier contracts, as a means of working towards improved local conditions of employment and living standards.