Putting environmental responsibility into action

As the world’s third-largest home appliance manufacturer, BSH is well aware of the vital role it is able and indeed obliged to play in climate protection and responsible globalization. The advance of climate change is a compelling argument in favor of exploiting all the energy-saving potential at our disposal. As home appliances make a not-inconsiderable contribution to household energy consumption, BSH can play a special role in conserving resources and protecting the environment with its products. In addition, BSH lobbies for swift and decisive action within associations and in its dealings with politicians and society at large. Such efforts include a campaign mounted by CECED, the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers, active participation in the “Energy Efficiency” working party set up by Germany’s Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI), involvement in the European Commission’s “Sustainable Energy Europe” initiative and membership in the network of Climate Protection Companies.

Environmental controlling throughout the group

Controlling is the pivotal and crucial point in any system of corporate environmental protection. It produces figures from the environmental data on which the various locations report each year. These figures reveal both improvements and weaknesses. In this way, controlling provides an excellent basis for the control of environmental work throughout the group.