BSH wins court action in the Netherlands against British vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson

Confirmation for Europe's largest manufacturer of home appliances: The energy efficiency ratings for its vacuum cleaners are correct



Movement and consistency

This year's BSH Group Annual Report and the Group Sustainability Report 2014 have been published. In the reports we show how BSH keeps a successful balance between movement and consistency in the face of rapidly changing markets and changing consumer needs.


The BSH UX lab

In the in-house UX lab consumers test project concepts while BSH observe and interview them to understand how they experience new products and services. One way to learn more about the user experience is to use eye-tracking glasses.

Top Employer

BSH once again one of the best employers in Europe

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is once again one of the best employers in Europe and was honored by the independent Top Employers Institute as a "Top Employer Europe 2015".

Important safety notice for tumble dryers for product year 2002
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14.01.2016 Treffpunkt Ausbildungsbörse, Paaren/Glien
20.02.2016 fit for Job, Höchstädt
26.02.2016 Berufsinfomesse Nord, Staatliche Realschule Trostberg
11./12.03.2016 Azubi & Studientage, München
12.03.2016 Tag der offenen Tür DHBW, Karlsruhe
17.03.2016 Berufsinfomesse, Marquartstein
Apr 16 Infotage Jugend und Beruf, Bad Neustadt
26./27.04.2016 vocatium, München
15./16.06.16 vocatium, Berlin
Datum Hochschulmessen
12.04.2016 Firstcontact, Deggendorf
13.04.2016 SKB, Landshut
19.04.2016 IKORO, Rosenheim
20.04.2016 Allgäuer Hochschulmesse, Kempten
26.04.2016 Campus X-Days, Pforzheim
28.04.2016 connecticum, Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof
04.05.2016 Pyramid, Augsburg
10./11.05.2016 smile, Schmalkalden
01.06.2016 KIT-Karrieremesse, KIT Karlsruhe
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