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Home Connect spices up everyday life and creates a completely new lifestyle. Home Connect provides easy access to home appliances across different brands as well as categories like washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, coffee maker and also vacuum cleaner; basically to any appliance at home, with just one app. The app provides users with general information about the appliance. It let’s them turn appliances on and off, choose programs or adjust the timer. Last but not least, users can gain inspiration from the app and get linked to a variety of Home Connect partners. The app has already been introduced in 35 countries and is available in 17 languages.

Home Connect revolves around the consumer.

In 2018, Home Connect has gained more than ten new partners worldwide, including the U.S. food platform innit, the smart Flic button and the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service.

The ecosystem is continuously expanding its partner network and offers consumers worldwide new opportunities in the connected kitchen. Home Connect revolves around the consumer and offers a decisive advantage: New digital functions are constantly added to appliances connected to BSH’s ecosystem throughout the product life cycle.

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Home Connect increases the ease of appliances use.

Home Connect increases the overall ease of appliances use, allowing consumers with a busy routine to change the fridge’s energy efficiency mode or to check whether the oven is turned off no matter where they are, amongst many other functions. In case of malfunctions and with the consumers’ consent, the customer service is able to remotely check the connected appliance and if necessary to install software updates, making an on-site appointment with a service technician very often obsolete. Home Connect has already established itself as an open, innovation-driven platform, offering an ever-expanding partner network that provides a variety of exciting solutions and services in the areas of smart home, energy management, shopping and ordering, food and recipes and voice control, allowing even more convenience.

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