Scope of Searchfields

Does your solution deliver the next generation of kitchen and home appliances?

We are looking for innovative products, applications, services and business models for the next generation of kitchen and home appliances that meet future consumer needs. Within this scope we are especially interested in the following topics:

User Interaction, Sensor Technology and Robotics:

We are highly interested in innovative software and hardware solutions making home appliances smart, connected, autonomous, self-monitored and digitally user-controlled, including:

  • New ways to interact with home appliances
  • Low-cost solutions for chemical analysis (gases, liquids, solids)
  • Connected sensors and cloud-based data analysis
  • Automation & user assistance applications
  • New use cases for connected home appliances

New Food

In the field of New Food we are looking for innovative solutions disrupting the way how food & drink (nutrition) is produced, distributed, prepared and consumed, such as:

  • Home agriculture, home farming, home cultivation
  • Functional food, delivering additional benefits beyond their basic nutritional value
  • Application of new technologies in nutrition along the whole value chain
  • New approaches to food preparation at home

Innovative home appliances answering consumer needs in emerging countries

Solutions meeting the challenges of emerging markets:

  • Fulfilling basic or unsatisfied consumer needs (e.g. trustful food, access to clean water,...)
  • Enhancing consumers' lives in emerging countries – increase standard of living, add convenience, or deliver value adding solutions
  • Making use of technology at disposal or basic technologies
  • Strengthen resource autarchy
  • Business models and market entry solutions tailored to the particular market circumstances
The application deadline has passed. Unfortunately no more applications for the BSH Venture Forum can be accepted.

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