About Munich Network

Munich Network - Network for Innovation.
We're highly committed to Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

With a broad-based backbone in technology and industry, Munich Network is a techindustry driven independent but not for profit organization geared to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. We link strong global companies, established medium-sized companies and ambitious new technology ventures with research establishments, investors, financial service companies, consulting firms and entrepreneurs. This vibrant technology ecosystem illustrates a broad cross section of the dynamic German innovation and technology landscape.

In this role Munich Network is personally and directly connected with many of the most important technology centers here in Germany, in Europe and internationally. We function as a “Matchmaker”, connecting technology enterprises and entrepreneurs with key contacts in industry and in the user community. These contacts include research and development organizations, investors and especially regional, national and international initiatives.


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Munich Network - Netzwerk München e.V.
Katharina Hickel, Project Management
Rosenheimer Straße 145i 81671 Munich

Phone: +49-89-63025342
Fax: +49-89-63025310
Email: katharina.hickel@munichnetwork.com
The application deadline has passed. Unfortunately no more applications for the BSH Venture Forum can be accepted.

In case of any questions please contact our cooperation partner:

Munich Network - Netzwerk München e.V.
Katharina Hickel
Project Management
Rosenheimer Straße 145 i
81671 Munich

Phone: +49-89-63025342
Fax: +49-89-63025310
Email: Katharina Hickel