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Cristina: “Maybe tomorrow AI will be driving innovation.”

Meet Cristina

Cristina – Innovation Technology

Mykie’s Mom

Cristina first came to Germany when she was an undergraduate student at the University of Malaga in her native country Spain. “I am fascinated by technology, and by intelligent systems in particular,” she says.

We are able to start from the very beginning. Our thoughts and ideas can roam freely.

“Germany is the place to be when it comes to technology, that is why I initially came here with the Erasmus program.” Little did she know that twelve years down the line, her work in Innovation Technology at BSH would have the possibility to improve the lives of millions of people.
In her position, Cristina facilitates innovation. Her unusually persistent character helps her to do so. “Working in innovation, it is vital to take risks and try new things. Sometimes there is just no right answer, and nobody knows where to find it. In these cases, my job is to push the members of my team – and to be persistent. We discuss our ideas, which of them we want to develop and how we go about doing it. It will be established how much time will be needed for the different tasks and how difficult they are. With this information, we can find out which ideas are actually worth implementing.”


Some say that Cristina is Mykie’s mom, because the brain and soul of the voice-controlled kitchen robot was created when she was working as a robotics software architect in the Corporate Innovation area. “Although we had a lot of external support, delivering Mykie into this world was still one of my highlight projects,” Cristina explains. “My dad, who lives in Spain, read about it in a local newspaper and saw a photo of our CEO with Mykie. That was a very special experience for me.”

What Cristina appreciates most about her job is the fact that she and her team are granted a relatively high degree of freedom. “After talking with the colleagues from different areas of BSH and trying to understand what is important to them, we are able to start from the very beginning. Our thoughts and ideas can roam freely, and we will take the whole journey right to the end product. It is great to work with highly motivated people who combine a hands-on mentality with the firm belief to always do what is best for the company.”

Ultimately, Cristina and her team aim at making people’s lives not only more comfortable, but easier. “In the future, home appliances will be intelligent,” she says. “They will know exactly what you need and have, for example, the power to create and adapt recipes that exactly match your desires."

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