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Michelle: “Maybe tomorrow learning is more important than knowing.”

Meet Michelle

Michelle – Marketing Europe

Country Carer

Michelle works at the intersection between the Siemens regional marketing department for Europe at BSH headquarters and the respective marketing departments in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxemburg.

“Before I started working at BSH, I never would have thought that home appliances could be such fun.”

She cites an example: “The countries adapt the concepts created by the communication colleagues to the needs of their markets. This is where I step in and check if the adaptation is in line with our corporate design. But it works the other way round, too: I also take questions, ideas and solutions from the countries to the regional department. I see myself as a kind of carer for “my” countries. They come to me with their concerns, and I try to help them find a solution.”

Every day, Michelle is in touch with the local marketing departments, mostly by e-mail and phone. Her daily routine ends as soon as she has booted her computer and got herself a coffee. “After that, anything can happen. I never know what to expect and need to be flexible and fast in my reactions. Every day is like an adventure. That is what I really like about my job.”


Although the focus of her work is on marketing operations, Michelle also supports colleagues who are responsible for product launches or brand communications. “Whenever they need something from the regional office or have any questions regarding their marketing efforts, I am here to provide them with the required information. And in case I cannot answer their question, I get in touch with the experts who can.”

Working with colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds is what Michelle really loves about her job. She also appreciates the variety of topics she’s dealing with. “I do everything from marketing communication and budgets to planning and event management. I never get bored in my position.”

She first started at BSH as an intern in 2006 and came back for another internship two years later. After gathering some valuable experience in agencies and consultancies, she returned yet again in 2014. “BSH has always had a hold on me, and this time I intend to stay a little longer. I like it a lot here. It is a great company that emphasizes values such as reliability, loyalty, sustainability and consistency.”

Being able to relate to the products of BSH is also something Michelle values highly. “I think that our products have a great impact on the quality of people’s lives. At the end of the day, what would our lives be without a washing machine, an oven or a dishwasher? Before I started working at BSH, I never would have thought that home appliances could be such fun.”

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