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Customer Needs

Five Trends for a Changing World

Where are we heading?

The world is changing – and so are consumer needs, and major issues require smart solutions.

Globalization, individualization, pluralization, digitalization: The world is transforming at an increasing rate and seems poised to become more complex and fast-moving than ever. As a result, we are all more aware of the social and ecological contexts of our lives. We are all challenged as individuals to find new patterns of behavior that guarantee a successful and happy life in a world with so many options. Our lifestyles are changing along with our domestic habits. There are five major areas where consumers will expect reasonable, comfortable and fascinating solutions.

Experience-oriented living

Experience Living

In the next 15 years, experiences will become the social currency of modern life. We will collect them to form the narrative and meaning of our lives.

Instead of owning things, we will have an increasing desire for transcendent experiences that deliver exceptional new opportunities or perspectives for personal growth. We will expect to be able to share our experiences at home with others, featuring ourselves as the heroes of our own stories. Showing these unique experiences will be our way of demonstrating who we are. We will also want to see more guided opportunities for creative development.

We will also need our home experience to be exceptional, creating exceptional sensuality through unexpected textures and rich tastes. Continuous visual and tactile stimulation will diversify and heighten our everyday home experience. Support will come from invisible tech operating in the background, allowing us to focus on our seamless experiences.

Healthy living

With more technological possibilities for tracking and optimizing personal health issues and with the negative effects of modern living on health becoming obvious and even existential, we are more and more aware of our own responsibility to live healthily. We increasingly perceive health as a prominent universal value and individual differentiator in society.

Healthy Living

To fulfill our personal and social health expectations, we will progressively seek simple and affordable health solutions that soften the effects of modern work and life. We will want to be supported with data-driven health consultation and other educational health approaches at home. We will strongly feel the need to be protected in our home from an unpredictable and chaotic outside world. We will learn that our health is intertwined with the health of others, which should be protected as well.

Sustainable living

We are becoming more and more aware of the fact that our health, wealth and social harmony are increasingly endangered by the consequences of modern life trends. Consumers therefore think and act more consciously and responsibly when it comes to the socio-ecological effects of consumption and living at home.

Personal goals and environmental awareness will be directly correlated with the help of integrated solutions. Resource-efficient behavior at home will become part of everyday interactions. Natural aesthetics in the home and emergent entertaining approaches will provide emotionally rewarding sustainability. We will seek to embed our home lives in nature, its processes and conditions, for a symbiotic cohabitation with our living environment.

Sustainable Living

Considering visible sustainability as a form of self-expression, we will require tangible feedback and transparency for our actions – perceivable by ourselves and within our socio-cultural context.

Utilizing culturally sensitive solutions, we will commit to new forms of collaborative sustainability allowing us to multiply viable benefits, establishing renewable continuity as a moral cornerstone on a grand scale. This will lead to sustainability becoming a societal dogma, and a common practice at home.

Living in a connected world

Living Connected

We are living in an increasingly technologically connected world, in which there is a constant digital link between everything, and “online” has become the default status. This changes every part of our lives at home and creates a desire for invisible and adaptive technology that is less obtrusive, but also reenergizes our wish for analog experiences.

We will appreciate the benefits of digitalization, which provides us with smart solutions that transcend possessions. While taking full advantage of our new connectivity, we will not want to be controlled by the digital world, but rather maintain our own control. We may even attempt to break out of our lives, determined by algorithms and strive for unexpected and inspiring moments of unpredictability, challenge and personal growth.

A life in public and always being “on” will become our default state. We will want to focus on one task or project at home and we will expect absolute data privacy at home in our intimate, digital sphere.

Managing life in a granular world


The way we manage our lives and homes will change. We will want to profit from a world full of options while at the same time retaining islands of intimacy to withdraw to. And as time becomes a luxury, time management will not only be a craft but also an indication for successful life.

To reduce complexity in life, we will increasingly seek to outsource household tasks and turn to temporary or project-based groups. We will seek to manage the permeability of the home. What is public and how do we connect to it, what is private and at which stage? Maintaining control of the integration and separation of work and life will be a key challenge.

Throughout our lives, we experience the desire to feel the impact of our actions and retain a sense of efficacy. We will look for considerate home appliances which recognize social situations and preferences immediately. Being just “smart” is no longer good enough.

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