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August 30, 2017 / Corporate

BSH in its anniversary year: Europe’s number one will showcase ideas for the connected kitchen in its 10th exhibition year at IFA

  • “In addition to numerous new products, the multibrand BSH Hausgeräte group is presenting pioneering innovations for the digital age – from, among others, the fields of sensor technology (X-Spect), connectivity (Home Connect) and robotics (Mykie).”
  • Annual focal point: Global home appliances industry and trade meet for the 10th time at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin.
  • 50 Years of BSH

Munich/Berlin, August 30, 2017 (bsh) – The ideal portfolio to suit all individual needs: Visitors to the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA), the world’s leading trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances, will experience how BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is tailoring its product and solution portfolio to meet the rapidly changing needs and expectations of consumers in the digital age. Diversity is the key word when it comes to both the scope and strategic focus of the innovations: From sensor technology applications at product level and world firsts like X-Spect – the concept of a smart, multifunctional scanner that allows consumers to check invisible information from surfaces, goods or materials – to visionary ideas for the future like Mykie, the voice-controlled kitchen assistant that interacts with consumers through facial expressions. In the fiftieth year of the company’s history, BSH remains true to its claim to be a driving force and innovation leader for the home appliances industry with consumer-centric concepts. [...]

Consumers in the digital age are looking for strong brands that offer orientation and create trust. BSH’s multi-brand portfolio allows the most varied customer requirements to be addressed specifically since the 14 strong brands are aligned precisely to consumer expectations. “We continually expand brand recognition and consistent brand experiences along the entire consumer journey, for example, through trade fair appearances,” says Matthias Ginthum, CMO of BSH Hausgeräte. “However, consumer needs are constantly changing, which means we need to adapt quickly and remain agile so that we can continue to design products and services that address the interests and expectations of consumers.” That’s why BSH is pursuing a consumer-centric approach. “Consumers and their needs in a rapidly changing, increasingly digital world are both the starting point and destination for our brands. The task is to create a consistent and inspiring brand experience that is no longer simply limited to the product itself, but rather takes place across all touch points with the brand. Consumers today no longer think in appliance categories, but instead expect services and solutions that simplify everyday life.”

World first – X-Spect: Scanner concept for simplifying everyday household life
BSH will present the visionary concept of a multifunctional scanner at IFA with X-Spect. X-Spect detects invisible information from surfaces and materials – for example, the stain type so that the wash program can be adapted accordingly, or the nutritional values of produce in the refrigerator. The multifunctional X-Spect scanner is a handy, wireless devices that is intuitive to use. An integrated sensor allows the immediate detection and analysis of materials and foods for consumers. The Wi-Fi interface ensures seamless integration into the Home Connect system.

Home Connect welcomes you to a digital lifestyle in the kitchen with attractive partners and services
More services, more inspiration and more convenience – Home Connect presents new, attractive options in the connected kitchen, as well as in laundry and floor care. All home appliances can not only be intelligently controlled via the multi-brand Home Connect app, but also be integrated perfectly into the digital lifestyle with a host of additional services. The dynamically growing ecosystem of connected home appliances offers maximum added value in areas such as Convenience, Assisted Cooking and Smart Home on the basis of varied services and attractive partners. Home Connect is already implemented in 32 countries around the globe. This coverage also provides partners with a convincing platform for offering consumers a range of services tailored to digital everyday life above and beyond the convenient and flexible ease of use of the connected home appliance.

Robotics: BSH continues to invest in pioneering concepts like Mykie
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is investing in the areas of sensor technology and robotics, among others, as it continues to develop pioneering concepts. The concept of the Mykie kitchen assistant reflects this focus. The winking kitchen assistant (Mykie: My Kitchen Elf) can be controlled by means of voice recognition. As a personal assistant, however, it not only responds to audio commands, but also interacts with its counterpart through facial expressions. For example, Mykie knows what’s in the fridge right now, how much longer the pizza still has to bake in the oven, or which recipe steps have to be followed. Mykie projects these steps conveniently and clearly onto the kitchen wall and sends the recommended settings from the recipe directly to the connected appliances. One year after it was first presented, BSH is gathering experience in cooperation ventures and market research studies on the expectations of consumers with respect to a kitchen assistant so that it can assess the market potential and make a decision on a market launch.

Anniversary year: Home appliances sector meets at IFA for the 10th time in BSH Hausgeräte’s 50th anniversary year
For CMO Ginthum, innovative concepts like X-Spect or Mykie follow the consumer-centric approach and, at the same time, are part of the BSH brand identity: “For 50 years now we have been driven by our desire to shape the present and future. Our brands have always aimed to inspire through outstanding quality and innovations. This requires the right attitude. We also document this in our anniversary campaign “50 Years of BSH”, where rather than focusing as might be expected on a review of the company’s history, we look ahead to the future. We ask how we can help consumers manage their everyday home life in the digital age as easily and efficiently as possible with the solutions, products and innovations from our brands.”

Apart from the company’s anniversary, BSH also has a second reason to celebrate since the global home appliances industry is meeting for the 10th time at IFA. As one of its initiators, BSH wanted to open up the fair, which at that time was dedicated entirely to CE, to the world of white goods too. Over a space of 6,000 square meters, BSH will be presenting products and solutions here for different consumer wishes from all over the world with its home appliance brands Bosch und Siemens.

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