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We value partnerships that allow long-term collaboration.

Digitization of business relationships is an important step for us in this context on the path toward efficient collaboration. This requires potential suppliers to issue a registration request on our portal and be registered by us for digital collaboration. Registered users can then access specific BSH applications and information or update their company data independently.

Welcome to the supplier portal of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. Our dedicated platform offers you numerous benefits:

  • Manage your company data directly online
  • Exchange information on activities
  • Use interactive questionnaires
  • Find out about important SAP functions

Have you already registered as a user and have a login to the portal?


As a supplier, would you like to become a cooperation partner of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH?

Please read the requirements and register using the link shown below.

  • You comply with nationally and internationally applicable standards, guidelines and laws.
  • You fulfill our social and ecological standards.
  • You use a certified quality management system (ISO 9001 ff.).
  • You show willingness to enter into partnership-based and long-term collaboration.
  • You maintain transparency and openness in our business relationship.
  • You are willing to continuously optimize processes.
  • You work actively on implementing cost-cutting measures.
  • You guarantee consistently high product quality.
  • You have excellent logistics know-how.
  • You offer high delivery reliability.
  • You are involved in our IT-based information sharing.
  • Our cooperation with you will be based on fairness, trust and sustainability.
  • We offer you demand-driven growth prospects.
  • We support you with partnership-based supplier management.
  • We include you in the product development process.
  • We maintain continuous dialog with you.


Digital "Teamcenter" for improved collaboration.

BSH has implemented the innovative development system "Teamcenter". We use this system to support the management and exchange of data with our external partners.


As a partner of all global BSH sales regions, with the exception of China, please log in using the BSH File Exchange (FX) portal:


As a partner of BSH China, please use our dedicated China portal:


  • Drawings: NX Native, PDF or IGES, DXF
  • 3D CAD data: NX Native, JT or IGES, STEP, VDA, PARASOLID
  • Technical data
  • Delivery and packaging guidelines
  • Parts lists (if available)
  • SIR sample test reports
  • Export CAD data and/or documents for information purposes (RFE).
  • Design or modify CAD data and/or documents for information purposes and send your changes back to us via the portal (RFD).
  • Send us sample parts and / or forms as well as your SIR sample test report (RFO).

We are seeking a variety of logistics services.

We regularly issue calls for tender for logistics services at defined intervals. The frequency depends on the character of the corresponding market segment (volatility), the complexity and the strategically required continuity in the relationship, for example, in relation to customer deliveries.

We collaborate with our partners in these areas

  • National overland transport (road and rail)
  • Transshipment points and hubs
  • International overland transport (road and rail)
  • Sea freight
  • Air freight
  • Disposal of electrical and electronic equipment and packaging material
  • Warehouse service
  • Warehouse rental and/or leasing (new construction according to our requirements)
  • Parcels

Would you like to become our partner? Then you will no doubt be interested in our latest logistics tenders. Take a look regularly in order to find suitable bids for your company.

No tenders are currently available.

We use the platform TiContract for our tenders. If you are interested in a specific tender, then please log on to www.ticontract.com , register and send us an e-mail. We will then be pleased to activate the relevant tender for you.


Do you have any questions or would you like more detailed information? Please get in touch with us. We look forward to making contact with you.

BSH logo for business partners and suppliers.

We repeatedly receive requests to use our logo. You will find information and guidelines here on the corporate design for BSH and its associated companies.

BSH Logo

Use of the BSH logo and those of our brand companies is subject to approval. We only permit use under specific conditions and following explicit approval by BSH where the logo is to be used for advertising purposes, in particular in printed documents, and on your homepage. We reserve the right to revoke previously granted approval at any time.

Please apply to use the logo(s) informally by e-mail:


  • Please send us a copy of the printed document or the website on which the logo is to appear in advance. In the case of websites, please also send us the URL shown in the browser.
  • Once authorized in writing by BSH, you are entitled to use our logo in the approved manner.
  • You are obliged to inform us without delay of planned changes to the website or the corresponding document.
  • If you use our logo in HTML documents, the page must contain the following hyperlink: www.bsh-group.com
    You are obliged to open our page in a new browser window. Our preferred presentation style is no frame.
  • Please inform us within a week of creating the link by e-mail to: corporate.design@bshg.com .
  • If you use our logo in printed documents or on CD, DVD, etc., please provide us with a copy within one week of publication.
  • Please note: The design of our logo must neither be changed nor adapted.
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