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Home is where we can finally relax, put up our feet and tank up on energy again. If only there weren’t all the daily tasks that have to be done in addition to everything else: cooking, doing the dishes, washing and drying the laundry, ironing, vacuuming – valuable time that could be used better with the right support.

Innovations for getting more out of life

It’s great when household appliances do what they should: cool, heat, wash, dry and other chores. It’s even better when they accomplish more. For example, protect the environment, save valuable resources, communicate with each other and automatically complete their tasks – as is already the case with Smart Homes. At BSH, consumers are our most important priority. We develop innovations that simplify life – as well as satisfy needs that go beyond this. In the final analysis, responsibility to our customers is what drives us. Just like our own goal: always being first when it comes to the products of our brands.

Smart Home.

BSH at IFA 2016

One system, numerous possibilities – Home Connect.

A stressful working day finally draws to a close. Time to head home for dinner and then sit back and relax. If only you didn't have to go shopping first, set the mood at home by switching on ambient lighting, wait for the heating to reach a comfortable temperature, and prepare food on the stove.

Save time and energy – child's play

Getting home is now becoming faster and better. With Home Connect we offer our consumers a digital platform that makes everyday life much easier: Smart home appliances that can be controlled in an instant from a smart phone via a single app – even if the appliances are not all the same brand. For example, you can take a look in the fridge without being at home, control the dishwasher remotely, switch on the oven before you get home, or "order" an aromatic cappuccino to greet you when you arrive. Consumers therefore not only benefit from convenient operation, but can also strategically save energy costs. The fully connected kitchen is already a reality, offering a variety of opportunities that are a long way off being exhausted.

That's because, apart from the option of controlling your own appliances, Home Connect also offers more and more services from different partners. For consumers this means that connected home appliances can also be controlled from other apps, or various additional online services can be used. The smart home becomes reality.

External developers can also be actively and creatively involved in continuously expanding the Home Connect digital ecosystem using a Software Development Kit (SDK).

Home Connect – safe and secure

Digital progress in the home not only demands top-class technologies and innovations, but also the best security. BSH therefore attaches great importance to developing secure solutions in order to protect the home against unauthorized access. That's why BSH had the Home Connect system tested by IT security experts. The final version of the app was tested by TÜV Trust IT and awarded the distinction of "Trusted App".

The journey continues with open innovation

We are focusing on the concept of open innovation so that we can provide added value for our customers even faster in the area of digital future. We can combine internal know-how with the expertise of external companies and developers and develop advanced solutions for consumers. Exciting projects that you simply need to learn more about.

More information on Open Innovation

Home Connect US

A personal kitchen helper – the "Mykie" concept.

Is there enough milk in the fridge, how do you make a soufflé, and what will the weather be like tomorrow? These and many others are the kind of questions we each face. Every day. A personal assistant is the perfect solution – and especially one who is on hand when needed 24/7 throughout the entire year.

Innovation Insights IFA-2016 Mykie at IFA 2016

Mykie – a Home Connect concept

Mykie (My Kitchen Elf) is just the kind of helper you would wish for. Small, smart, clever, communicative and always ready to help. Mykie is optimally connected thanks to Home Connect, understands and answers user questions, and offers both an innovative and emotional experience. When connected to the home appliances in its surroundings via Home Connect, it knows what's in the fridge, how much longer the cake needs to bake, and can order missing supplies online and have them delivered. What's more, Mykie transports users to different locations virtually by means of a built-in camera to allow communal cooking or recipes to be exchanged. It also provides assistance when cooking with valuable tips and instructions. Yet Mykie can do a whole lot more too: play music available online, or check the weather or stock exchange. A little more work is needed, however, before it becomes a genuine conversational partner in the kitchen. The next steps in the development of the personal assistant will now focus on the further integration of attractive functions and services from partners. Market studies serve as the basis for this with a clear focus on delivering real added value to the consumer.

WeWash – the clever way to wash and dry laundry.

The move to the new apartment is perfect. The apartment is centrally located, so a little smaller as a result, but washing machines and dryers are fortunately provided in the basement of the building for communal use. The space-devouring appliances thus remain where they belong: outside your own four walls. Really practical. That is if you didn't keep on finding out after going down to the cellar carrying a full laundry basket that all the machines are in use or a neighbor has removed your laundry from the machine...

Communal, but convenient

Sharing economy concepts are on the rise, but are nothing new when it comes to the communal use of washing machines and dryers. What is new, however, is the digital approach of WeWash, an innovative spin-off of BSH. Whether at home, in a hotel or at the launderette – WeWash is revolutionizing communal laundry washing and drying and making it attractive for users and operators. Thanks to the connected solution, you're always up to date – via app, website or landline. Reserve machines, get status updates on the washing or drying cycle, and pay simply without cash: WeWash allows users to save time and nerves, while property owners reduce the risk of mold and water damage in the apartments. And an additional benefit for all those who install communal machines: Any standard machine can be WeWash-enabled quickly and easily and made accessible to users via app, website or landline.

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