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Growth – but with responsibility.

Growth at BSH means expanding, gathering experience, progressing, overcoming hurdles, and ultimately achieving goals.

Growing with each other

At BSH growth means not only achieving objectives but being mindful of our employees and our environment. We have set an ambitious goal to increase our sales revenue to 20 billion Euros by 2025 and, in the process, fulfill our ecological and social responsibility. The BSH Corporate Principles and a clearly described governance risk compliance model provide us with clear guidance to put these values into practice.

Our Corporate Principles are the cornerstone of our corporate success and therefore we act reliably, fairly and with integrity. This includes honoring our commitments, delivering what we promise, and always acting in compliance with the law and statutory provisions – in all areas and processes of the company.

Our integrated governance risk compliance model forms the basis for identifying potential risks in our business activities and deriving measures to accommodate changing requirements to business management.

A core principle of our company – compliance.

Doing the right thing – in compliance with the law and statutory provisions – is not a spontaneous decision, but instead demands reliable, clearly defined structures and guidelines. It equally requires structures that govern decisions for the benefit of all and ensure respectful and targeted cooperation.

At BSH, compliance is firmly anchored in the values of our corporate principles. These principles form the basis of our corporate culture: reliability, fairness and integrity in dealing with our employees, our business partners and consumers. We have included these maxims in our Business Conduct Guidelines and they are binding for all of our employees. The compliance management system works in harmony with our corporate principles to ensure that all employees act in compliance with the law and statutory provisions at all times.

Global Legal Counsel

Dr Karl Sidhu

One lawyer for everyone. The lawyer Dr. Karl Sidhu, LL.M (Munich) is the legal counsel for all of our BSH employees worldwide. External third parties, such as business partners, can also turn to him if they suspect illegal business practices such as corruption or similar serious violations in relation to a company within the BSH Group. As an independent, external legal counsel, he accepts all information on potential compliance instances in absolute confidence – while, of course, preserving the anonymity of the whistleblower.

RA Dr Karl Sidhu, LL.M. (Kanzlei ROXIN Rechtsanwälte LLP)

Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 244438600 / E-mail:


North America Region General Counsel

Jason Weintraub

VP, General Counsel & Secretary

BSH Home Appliances Corporation

Tel.: 949-224-4778 / E-mail:

Alongside compliance, the Business Conduct Guidelines form the basis for all business processes and decisions. They are an important element of our understanding of values. We abide by these guidelines to strengthen trust in our company and our brands among consumers, employees and business partners.

Our managers ensure that the Business Conduct Guidelines are a firmly established part of BSH's corporate culture along the entire value chain. As role models, they help employees worldwide to behave lawfully and act in accordance with the BSH Business Conduct Guidelines. These guidelines regulate dealing responsibly with customers and business partners, provide guidance on issues regarding competition and antitrust law, or anti-corruption, and avoid conflicts of interest.

Further information on our Business Conduct Guidelines:

Fairness at all levels – The Code of Conduct.

At BSH, we act responsibly taking the social and ecological impact of our actions into consideration. The basis for this action is the "CECED Code of Conduct", which was initiated by the "European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers", and the "BSH Supplier‘s Code of Conduct." In accordance with these codes of conduct, BSH promotes fair and sustainable standards for working conditions, social compliance and environmental performance.

As a premium supplier, BSH strives to ensure top-class quality and innovative products as well as ecological, economic and socially correct business practices. In doing so, we require our whole organization and our suppliers to behave in a responsible and fair manner with respect to environmental protection, human rights, occupational safety and health. After all, our consumers expect products from us that are created on the basis of these principles along the entire value chain.

Our principles:

  • Observance of locally applicable laws and provisions
  • Prohibition of forced and child labor
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Limitation of working hours
  • Fair remuneration
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Freedom of assembly and the right to collective agreements
  • Environmental awareness

We are committed to correct behavior

BSH played a major role in drafting the "CECED Code of Conduct" in 2005. This is the Code of Conduct of the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers, which deals with the principles of ecological and social responsibility, and many important guidelines for dealing with each other: from the prohibition of forced labor and child labor, anti-discrimination and limitation of working hours to fair pay, occupational safety, health, the right to collective agreements, and environmental awareness. These are all principles that have been a contractual component for our suppliers in the "BSH Supplier’s Code of Conduct" since 2007.

Find out more about the CECED Code of Conduct

BSH and the UN Global Compact.

BSH is a proud member of the UN Global Compact. Initiated by the United Nations, the then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan launched the UN Global Compact which includes ten principles of behavior that have guided BSH's actions since 2004. The compact is aimed at commercial enterprises that want to deal responsibly with globalization and act in the interest of people worldwide. The central focus of the compact is on topics such as the rights of employees, human rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

Find out more about the UN Global Compact

All information about the UN Global Compact

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