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Quality in every respect.

The quality of a product goes far beyond its actual benefits. At BSH, it is very important to us that quality is a significant criterion in our work, from development to disposal -- throughout the entire product life cycle.

However, quality doesn't just play a role in the product life cycle. In the age of connected appliances, increasing volumes of data are being produced that simplify interactions or enable in the first place. The more extensive and more sensitive this data is, the more important it is to handle it conscientiously.

Data privacy & transparency.

Connected home appliances offer new opportunities for our consumers worldwide. Operating washing machines from the smart phone while on the move, or accessing individual energy-saving tips are features that can enrich our daily lives. Manufacturers rely on corresponding customer data for these new services. That's why the success of connected home appliances depends – in addition to convincing technologies – to a large extent on handling this data responsibly. BSH works continuously, in exchange with its consumers, on developing user-friendly, data privacy-compliant and secure solutions.


The satisfaction and enthusiasm of our consumers are at the center of what we do. The perceived quality of the products and services under our brands should convince our consumers. Every employee contributes to the effectiveness of the BSH quality management system and is responsible for safeguarding this within the tasks entrusted to them. We at BSH, however, also aim to always offer the best quality with regard to management, sales, customer service, the supply chain and processes in general.

The BSH Corporate Principles therefore contain the quality policy principles. These specify the key fields of action for achieving our goal.

Our quality principles:

  • Quality means understanding, fulfilling and ideally exceeding consumer expectations.
  • The consumer determines to what extent quality is fulfilled. Continuous improvement to this perceived quality is at the core of our quality management system.
  • We see it as our obligation to constantly strive for and improve quality – from the executive manager to the trainee.
  • Our BSH policies, regulations and processes are based on international standards, consumer requirements, our knowledge and our experiences. This knowledge and its binding observance and continuous enhancement are the basis for our quality.
  • Quality in all of our processes means doing things right from the start. Quality must be provided for in the products and processes from the outset. We consistently apply preventive quality assurance methods and tools.
  • Quality based on measurability and transparency. We want to make quality visible. We achieve this by selecting suitable quality criteria, key indicators for products and processes, and through focused quality reporting in order to drive continuous improvement.
  • Errors that have been rectified properly and permanently lead to sustainable improvements. We learn from mistakes with the aid of systematic problem solving. We apply this knowledge to similar use cases and thus improve the performance of BSH.
  • In our continuous improvement process we also look to the future in order to identify and evaluate potential risks for all processes, and derive improvements on this basis.
  • Our suppliers contribute significantly to the quality of our products and services. We therefore expect the same high standards of quality from them as we do from ourselves.
  • Our objective in accordance with the BSH Guiding Principles is to be the benchmark for reliability and quality.
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