Innovation Spotlights.

When it comes to both the scope and strategic focus of our innovations variety is key. We reinforce our claim to be the driving force and the innovational leader in the home appliances industry with our consumer-centric concepts as well as with products and services: Innovations from sensor technology applications at product level and world firsts like X-Spect – the concept of a smart, multifunctional scanner that allows consumers to check invisible information from surfaces, goods or materials – to visionary ideas for the future like “Mykie”, the voice-controlled kitchen assistant that interacts with consumers through facial expressions, continue to proof BSH’s innovation leadership.

Mykie – your personal kitchen assistant.

Mykie – short for “My kitchen elf” – is our concept for your personal kitchen assistant that connects you, inspires you and offers you a simple way to learn something new. In 2016, we presented our first concept and robot launch with the aim of openly listening to whether this idea and scope might be appealing for our consumers, and whether it would be interesting to pursue it further. Mykie is a smart companion that communicates with you with its face, voice, projection, display and a changing color ring. Would you like to learn something new in a simple way? Mykie can inspire you to cook or bake recipes based on the ingredients you have at home. If you’ve run out of something, he helps you place an online order at your nearest delivery store. Feel free to learn new tips and tricks on how to better prepare or simply relax with ease of mind and let Mykie help you with step-by-step video recipe guidance. While your hands are sticky from cutting onions, you can talk with Mykie, and he follows your demands. Once you’re done with the cooking, it’s intuitive for you to find a suitable dishwasher program and start your robot vacuum cleaner. Mykie can even provide information about stock market prices, weather forecast or play tunes. Mykie is your personal kitchen assistant with a friendly and helping personality, can enrich your daily life and bring a lighthearted approach to household chores.

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X-Spect – an innovative scanner that opens consumer eyes.

At IFA 2017, we have presented the X-Spect concept to the world for the first time. This lightweight scanner has been designed to make household decisions easier than they’ve ever been before.
Choosing the right setting on the washing machine, especially for delicate fabrics, can sometimes be difficult. Many of us have shrunk our favorite jumpers or are unsure how to treat a specific stain we don’t know where it is from. With X-Spect, you’ll be happy to hear that this will all be a thing of the past! Use the stylish wireless device to scan your textiles and it will communicate instructions to your washing machine, to ensure that it is washed at the optimal settings. The secret behind X-Spect is its cutting edge sensor technology that determines which fabrics you are washing, and how best to get rid of any stains.

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PAI – BSH’s interactive projector that paves the way for virtual interaction in the kitchen.

PAI PAI is to be launched in China in February 2019.
Would you like to make a Skype video call or give mom a quick call to ask her for the secret ingredient while you’re baking? Or do you want to look up another recipe or the next step in the cooking instructions? All of that is possible at the tap of a finger. With PAI, a new kind of interactive projector for the kitchen, we are heralding the future and revolutionizing virtual interaction. PAI stands for ‘Projection and Interaction’, in other words, the projection of an image onto a surface and interactive operation by touching this virtual interface. An integrated 3D sensor detects every movement of the hand and fingers. Unlike a smartphone or tablet, the projection can be operated perfectly even with dirty fingers and does not take up any space on the work surface, leaving enough room to cook and bake.

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Roxxter – BSH’s robotic vacuum cleaner.

Our new Roxxter is the robotic vacuum cleaner that delivers perfect results at the touch of a button and makes cleaning a really fun activity. Roxxter creates a digital and interactive map of your apartment, so you can tell him exactly which rooms to clean with just one fingertip on the Home Connect App. It works also on more than one floor or your holiday home! Do you want to keep Roxxter out of your children's playground? Just drag a digital No-Go zone around it. Do you want to set up a daily or weekly cleaning schedule? Nothing easier than that! You can even operate Roxxter via Amazon Alexa: “Alexa, ask Home Connect robot to clean the living room.”

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FreshBox – BSH’s innovative way to keep food fresh without electricity for rural Africa.

Fresh Box
High temperatures in Sub-Saharan Africa often mean that vegetables, fruit and dairy goods spoil really quickly. Since access to electricity is also limited, food is often kept on open surfaces or in traditional coolers. Unfortunately, these coolers often only keep the groceries cool for a limited amount of time and require a great amount of ice. Therefore, people either have to purchase perishables several times a week or face wasting a lot of their fresh food. That’s what our researchers found out, when they asked locals in Kenya and Nigeria about their biggest pain when it comes to food storage. Based on these findings, the idea of a so called FreshBox – a low cost off grid chiller – was born. Under optimum environmental conditions – hot and dry weather – FreshBox can reduce the internal temperature by up to 10°C, when compared to the outside temperature. This is made possible by the evaporation energy generated by around two liters of water per day. The water evaporates from a textile layer that is placed between the inner container and the outer surface of FreshBox. The resulting humidity inside the box prevents the evaporation of water within the food. This means that fruit and vegetables can be kept in high relative humidity and can be kept fresh longer.

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i-DOS – BSH’s automatic dispensing system for detergent.

Do you really know how much detergent to use for different loads of laundry in your washing machine? No? Don’t worry – our washing machines with i-DOS take care of this task: The dispensing chambers of the machine are filled with liquid detergent, lasting for an average of 20 washes. Once you place laundry in the machine, sensors read all the relevant information: How much laundry is in the washing machine and how soiled is it? And, most importantly, what types of fabric does the load contain? The sensors even take account of the hardness of the water. i-DOS uses this information to automatically determine how much detergent is needed and forwards the result to the precision dosing pumps, which add the right amount down to the exact milliliter. In addition, a turbidity sensor detects any residual soiling in the clothing during the wash cycle and adds more detergent if needed. This kind of precision dosing also cuts out any extra rinse cycles that are needed to rinse out excess detergent. Thus, i-DOS can save you a lot of water: several thousand liters a year.

Cooking without limits thanks to full surface Induction.

Our exceptional induction technology delivers maximum flexibility: Up to six pots and pans of every shape and size can be heated up simultaneously on the cooking surface – without limits anywhere and everywhere on the cooktop. The technological key lies underneath the surface: This is where 56 powerful mini inductors automatically detect the position and shape of the cookware, evenly and precisely heating even the largest roasting pan. The induction coils generate an alternating electromagnetic field that creates an eddy current in the base, heating up the bottom of the pot. The ceramic-glass surface only heats up through the heat that is transmitted by the cookware, and only at the place where the pot or the pan is touching the cooking zone. If no cookware is standing on the induction cooktop, the cooking zone stays cold. This not only minimizes the risk of food burning and sticking if it boils over, but also reduces the risk of burned fingers. The full surface Induction is also smart thanks to its user interface: The full-color, full-touch large TFT display automatically follows every movement and adapts dynamically. It immediately registers when a pot is moved to a different position and adjusts all settings automatically. With Home Connect and HoodControl functionality as well as cookingSensor, there is no limit for the Best Cooking Experience.

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Zeolith drying technology – for bone dry dishes.

Composed mainly of aluminum, silicon, and sodium, the zeolith silicate emits heat when it comes into contact with water, making some of it evaporate. Due to its porous structure, zeolith also has a very large surface area that enables it to absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in water. We have been exploiting these properties for our dishwashers since 2008: After the final rinse step of a wash cycle is completed, a fan blows humid air from the interior through a zeolith-filled steel tub at the bottom of the dishwasher. The airborne water collects on the surface of the granules, leaving behind hot and dry air, which is channeled back into the interior so that it can absorb more water. During the next wash cycle, the granules are heated up by a tubular heating element and the zeolith releases the stored water. The dishes are thus dried without being heated up further with hot water during the final rinse step. Zeolith technology not only drastically cuts electricity consumption but also ensures that the dishes are bone dry after each wash cycle.
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