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Why BSH?

Looking to the future – with a strong team.

Make daily life simpler, with home appliances and solutions that ease the pressure of everyday life and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. When these appliances are also kind to the environment and save valuable resources, then nothing more stands in the way of improved quality of life.

Exceptional people work as part of a strong global network at BSH to make this a reality. Our employees are extremely committed, professional and globally networked. They develop constantly by learning from one another and have in-depth knowledge about consumers, our products and the sector.

Innovative home appliances and solutions. Outstanding brands.That's how we improve quality of life worldwide.

Contributing to significantly improving quality of life and thus being the first choice for consumers is our constant goal. We are proud of our modern home appliances and 14 strong brands – but it takes more than that to be among the frontrunners.

And achieving this "more" is a challenge we gladly accept. Every day. We shape the digital future of connected living with innovations to meet daily requirements. Our focus is on the needs of our consumers, and we continuously deepen our understanding of them. We combine our technical expertise with new opportunities for improved ease of use, and create products that stir passion by enriching our everyday lives. That's because we want to ensure that our brands continue to be among the strongest in the home appliance market and can meet the future challenges of the digital revolution.

But for us, it's also about the people who are behind BSH. We recognize that we can only achieve our objectives by working together. We therefore encourage our employees according to their potential and ensure an agile, open working environment based on trust.

Exploring new paths together.

Shaping digital change in a responsible manner, and developing products and solutions perfectly tailored to the consumer – this is an ongoing process that each individual employee at BSH helps to achieve.

Motivated and qualified employees are a critical success factor for us. We use targeted measures to encourage you so that your skills are brought to bear optimally and we can ensure positions are filled with the most suitable people.

We want to primarily fill open positions from within our company, which is why it is important to us to offer you the best development opportunities. Our talent program and succession planning helps us to strategically identify, promote and network selected employees as well as our (junior) management staff.

We support continuous learning for all of our employees worldwide so that we are equipped to deal with strategic challenges in the future. We do this through the BSH Academy with programs and training qualification tailored to specific target groups, the contents of which are derived from the strategy and a BSH-specific competence model. We therefore accompany the digital revolution with modern, digital learning formats and content.

From Sweden to South Africa, from China to the United States: BSH is represented in around 50 countries around the globe. We support worldwide knowledge exchange between our employees strategically through international support programs as well as a BSH-wide network.

If you would like to find out more about the exciting challenges BSH offers you globally, visit our world map .

Our employees are significant contributors. We know and value this. That's why we offer our employees an attractive remuneration package with added benefits that extend beyond statutory or collective agreement regulations.

Our compensation & benefits policy ensures a transparent and competitive remuneration.

Different people and cultures from all parts of the world – this makes our company not only diverse but also unique. Hand in hand with this is what we understand makes a company successful for everyone: open dialog at all times, mutual respect, fairness in dealing with others as well as a partnership-based management culture that encourages performance.


We don't just talk about diversity – we live it. For us this means appreciating our employees in their differences and similarities. The topic of diversity has therefore been firmly anchored as a strategic topic in the company strategy for several years, with the emphasis on aspects such as internationality, gender and age.

We are convinced that the varied experiences, perspectives and skills of our employees have a positive impact our company's success and likewise illustrate the diversity of our customers and their wishes. We therefore specifically promote interdisciplinary cooperation in international teams in order to develop innovative ideas and tailored solutions.

Individual support programs for women

We promote and support women. Around 30 percent of our employees are women. We actively encourage our female employees to reach their potential.

Age-appropriate advancement

We gladly accept the challenge of demographic change, in accordance with the motto: "Shaping the future". We greatly value the many years' experience and in-depth capabilities of our senior employees and want to benefit in the long term from their performance potential. We have a variety of offers especially for our senior employees, such as individual support measures or ergonomic workplaces for example. We therefore contribute significantly to maintaining as healthy a working environment as possible.

We are convinced that people who can flexibly combine their professional and private lives are more balanced and satisfied. We therefore play our part in ensuring that our employees can achieve this balance. This also applies if they want to work from home some of the time or need time for further training and education for example.

Health management

Health is the most vital commodity. We have therefore defined uniform standards for our production facilities so as to ensure a healthy as well as ergonomic and safe workplace. In addition, health checkups and fitness programs are an integral part of our health management.

The digital revolution poses significant challenges for our sector that impact the entire value chain. We are prepared and willing to do whatever it takes not only to accompany this change but to be at the absolute forefront of driving it forward. With our connected products and services, we offer an outstanding user experience throughout the product life cycle. We always keep our consumers in mind: in our user experience labs, we develop innovative products that are tailored precisely to the current needs of consumers and that satisfy the strictest design and technology standards. Our home appliances with integrated Home Connect are a good example of this.

At BSH, we rely on an interdisciplinary approach in international teams using agile working methods to implement our innovative developments. Work areas are therefore created for this purpose in project centers in which all disciplines involved in product projects are bundled in order to work collectively on a concrete solution, for example for refrigeration technology. (Link to press release)

Innovative working at BSH is also supported by workshop events, such as the BSH Hackathon (link to press release), thus promoting the exchange of knowledge between developers and user experience experts.

BSH unites brand diversity – for customers with the most varied demands on home appliances. This provides us with a wealth of knowledge about the market and its consumers. The major advantage for our employees is that they have the opportunity to switch between divisions in the course of their career at BSH or to also get to know different brand worlds, expand their knowledge and make use of new development opportunities.

Top Employer 2017

Everyone loves to win an award. And we are no different. It is even more pleasing to have received the coveted international "Top Employer Europe" award (Belgium, Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey) for the fourth time in succession from the independent Top Employers Institute. We have also been certified as "Top Employer Asia Pacific" (Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand) and as "Top Employer USA".

Susanne Trojer
“The opportunity to live and work for three years in the United States – and then feeling just as welcome as before back at Head Office in Munich.”

Highlights at BSH - Susanne Trojer.

Exciting challenges – worldwide.

We encourage interests and individual initiative at BSH. We offer excellent career prospects if our employees want to make a change and not only apply their know-how abroad but also expand it. This also applies to those who want to work for us abroad as part of a temporary transfer. We look after our employees who move abroad (expatriates) and their families.

We also support partners of expatriates who accompany them in the move abroad by providing service providers to assist in looking for employment, professional development or social integration – depending on the legal framework in the country of assignment and on personal preferences.

You too have an opportunity to develop new markets together with us, for example, in India, Taiwan or Kazakhstan.

Top Employer.

Top employer 2017

We are top in talent strategy, training & development as well as career & succession planning.

Everyone loves to win an award. And we are no different. It is even more pleasing to have received the coveted international "Top Employer Europe" award (Belgium, Germany, England, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey) for the fourth time in succession from the independent Top Employers Institute. We have also been certified as "Top Employer Asia Pacific" (Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand) and as "Top Employer USA".

In the current BSH employee survey, which is based on international standards and carried out every two years, nearly 90% of our employees said they would recommend BSH to their friends as an attractive employer. This makes us especially proud!

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