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Our goal – simply more knowledge.

Depending on its complexity, a puzzle consists of many different pieces. They fit together, are mutually dependent and build on one another. Teams are the same. If the team works together on a project and each person – just like a puzzle piece – does his or her part, the team accomplishes its common mission.

Achieving more together

Harnessing synergies. At BSH, we've long since integrated this process. After all, when more people from different areas work together, the stronger we are. The maxim "joint knowledge is added knowledge" plays an essential role at BSH. We don't see ourselves as a company of lone fighters, but as a pool of team players. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to cooperate with innovative start-ups and people with new ideas. At BSH we are convinced that we can only get further with transparency, curiosity and knowledge-sharing – qualities brought about by highly diverse people with the most varied types of knowledge. This comes from new forms of cooperation – with external partners, joint ventures and in exciting, multidisciplinary workshops. We want to always stay a step ahead of (digital) challenges, not simply confront them.

Open Innovation Venture

Venture Forum 2015

Shaping the future – The BSH Venture Forum.

Venture Forum

Original and innovative hardware and software. That's what can be experienced every year in Munich at the BSH Venture Forum. A wide variety of start-ups and individuals can apply to BSH to participate in this two-day event in order to present software solutions, components, services as well as business models for the next generation of home appliances. The Venture Forum is a really special event, at which ideas are exchanged and synergies can be identified. Participants share their ideas and visions during the BSH Venture Forum and have the opportunity to expand their professional network. Thanks to one-on-one exchanges, all the participating start-ups and individuals get to meet with BSH decision makers and receive valuable feedback on their corporate presentations. And all with one objective: to meet future customer demands even more effectively.

Venture Forum 2015.

Future visions to experience up close: check out the highlights from the 2015 Venture Forum.

BSH Venture Forum

New challenges every year.

The program in previous years at the BSH Future Forum included various search fields for finding innovative software solutions, components, services and new business models for the next generation of kitchen and home appliances. The emphasis changes from year to year. The relevant search fields for 2017 are being communicated in good time for the registration phase in the summer.

Taking control of the future – through cooperation and participation.

Doing it alone requires more strength and effort to achieve the end result. This also applies for developing innovations. However, when people with the most varied experiences come together and share their knowledge, innovations can be created more strategically and more effectively.

The location of the future - the BSH Venture Forum

Those attending the BSH Venture Forum will benefit two-fold. For example, ambitious and innovative companies can present themselves, their know-how and their prototypes using a special platform and get an opportunity to cooperate with BSH. Secondly, participants benefit from being able to promote developments together with BSH, extend their own network, establish customer/supplier relationships or have an opportunity of a minority stake by BSH. The BSH Venture Forum therefore paves the way for new developments, business models and cooperation.

The Hackathon – Hack the House!

Anyone running a marathon wants to cover a distance of 42.195 kilometers in the shortest possible time. The classic marathon is thus not only where the Home Connect "Hackathon" gets its name from, but also its idea. Even if the participants in this case are much less out of breath afterwards ...

Shaping the future - in 48 hours

What do you get when you give young developers from different sectors 48 hours to connect modern home appliances with smart sensors, thermostats or weather stations? Innovative applications for the connected home! That's what the "Hack the House" Hackathon initiated by Home Connect in Berlin is all about. The main objective of this annual event is to generate lots of ideas in the shortest possible time, try out new things and, last but not least, make interesting contacts. The focus, on the one hand, is on how communication is organized between a home appliance, services or terminals such as digital language assistants. On the other, the participants are faced with the task of developing solutions that simplify everyday life – irrespective of whether it’s about shopping, security or energy management, for example. “Hack the House" is a meeting point for the most diverse individuals, who bring the topic of Internet of Things to life in an unconventional and smart way with the infamous "outside" perspective. Over the two days, programs are written, hardware and software tasks are tackled, and tests are performed on how solutions might look in practice.

The 2016 BSH Hackathon.

What can happen in 24 hours? Take a look at highlights from the first Hackathon!

“The Hackathon is an event where we bring 40 people together for 48 hours in different teams to develop new things in the shortest possible time.”

Daniel Johannisborg, Projekt Manager

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